Newbie - Question on MP3 Processing On Windows

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Newbie - Question on MP3 Processing On Windows

Bill Bell-5
I am on Windows 7 64bit.  I am just getting started with sox.  I added
the sox install address to my path (C:\Program Files (x86)\sox). My
first test is making an mp3 mono and saving it at 32kbps.

sox "C:\course\AP&P_II_Respiratory_2_8_Audio.mp3"
"C:\course\mono\AP&P_II_Respiratory_2_8_Audio.mp3" channels 1 rate 32k

It said I needed a dll called libmad.dll.  I could find no reference
to where to get this in the doc (sox.pdf).  I found one on the web but
I have no idea if it is correct.  I now get this error:

sox FAIL util: Unable to load MAD decoder library (libmad) function
sox FAIL formats: can't open input file

I can't find any solution to this. I am sure I am making some stupid
mistake but I can't figure out what it is.  Where do I get the
required dlls?

Regards,  Bill Bell

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